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List of Current Needs and Projects for Judsonia Home:


The Arkansas Baptist Children's Homes and Family Ministries (ABCHomes) network of emergency receiving homes provide immediate sanctuary for children in need of emergency care. Many of the children in the agency's emergency shelters have been abused, abandoned or neglected.

Sometimes a child's parents have been incarcerated, or perhaps hospitalized for medical or psychological problems. At other times, families find themselves in severe conflict and a time of separation is needed.

The agency's three emergency shelters provide care for approximately 150 children each year. Children can arrive at the shelters anytime day or night. Many are placed with only the clothes they are wearing or bring with them a garbage bag of hurriedly packed personal items.

Typically, the children can stay up to 90 days while the courts, the Department of Human Services, families or other agencies and our staff decide on a permanent plan that would best meet the child’s needs. In some situations, residents may stay beyond 90 days when it is in the best interest of the resident.

The Arkansas Department of Human Services places many children. Referrals also come from pastors, youth ministers, family members, mental health workers, school counselors and a host of other sources.

To refer a child to one of our emergency shelters, contact the area office nearest you.

  • Fayetteville 479-521-1296
  • Jonesboro 870-935-5134
  • Little Rock 501-455-8554

Boys and girls ages birth - 17

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Boys ages birth - 12
Girls ages birth - 17

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The Tommy Jones Memorial Home in West Fork:
Boys ages birth - 14
Girls ages birth - 17

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